Institutional Furniture Lab Furniture DIAODE


Category : Institutional Furniture

Sub Category : Lab Furniture

Physics Lab


Specification Description
Size 2430 mm x 610 mm x 900 mm
Top 18 mm Thick Granite; Black Shade; Full Round Edges
Under Structure 2 Nos of Storage Unit Comprising Of One Drawer And One Swing Door Cupboard And 2 no Of Storage Unit With a Set Of Swing Doors; 18 mm Thick HMR Grade; MDF With Laminates; White & Red Shade.
Bottom Support 40 mm x 20 mm x 1.2 mm Thick Rectangular MS Tubes; Opel White Shade (Powder Coated)
Accessories 2 No Of Switch Box To Accommodate 2 Nos Of 5/15 Amps Socket And Switches in Each Box (Without Switches & Sockets)
Price Rs.36,375/- Per Unit (Inclusive of GST)

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