Ambient dinning support with seating! Looks simple, but rich in utility Exclusively engineered for Ice Cream Parlours, Cafeterias and Coffee Shops!! Incredible market penetration.

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Country’s economy grows! Education revolutionises itself!! Need for innovative furniture too burgeons!!! We supply furniture for classroom, library, laboratory and office. The furniture preferences of the Chairman, Principal, Headmaster and Faculty, as well, are taken care.

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· Sitting for long hours!? · Does your vertebra suffers and twinges? · Craving for a comfortable and fatigue free chair? · Here are the solutions! · The swivel chair! · Gas chambered for height adjustment · With any position lock, for positioning the seat back at any preferred point. · The chairs stand standardised. · Means the design is standard. · Not the shade of the fabric and upholstery, which are still the buyers’ choice.

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Fresh Endeavour! Shapes, sizes and shades predetermined - not customers' choice. Worth the price!!

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In places where the number of staff is relatively lesser and where the concept of workstation may be impractical, the traditional desk is the solution. Taking the above situations, we manufacture and supply desks exclusively of wooden particle boards and a combination of wood and steel. We have a good amount of models to choose from.

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The conventional table-chair arrangement used to occupy lot of space, which is one of the costliest affairs for any office in localities tagged as high cost centre. For the effective utilization of the expensive space, the concept of modular workstations came as an innovation. The modular workstation can be designed in any shape and size that would suit the layout of the office.

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